The Flensburger Sportabzeichentreff has been an offer from the Sportverband Flensburg e.V. for several decades for the citizens of Flensburg and not only for them!

The aim is to give everyone the opportunity to take the exams for the German Sports Badge or to train for it. This option is available for the athletics tests from May to September, and the swimming tests can be taken all year round.

The sports badge meeting will be held in the Flensburg Stadium. There are always several volunteer examiners on site for the training and examination dates, from whom the participants in the sports badge can certainly also get tips and instructions on how to carry out the individual examinations.

Nevertheless, it should be explicitly pointed out at this point that our examiners are usually not trainers! So if you want to get more involved with a special discipline, you can look for the right sports club on the website of Sportverband Flensburg e.V.


Another important note: If you are coming to the Flensburger Sportabzeichentreff for the first time to take the German Sports Badge, please bring your ID Card so that we can check your identity! This is of course no longer necessary for the athletes who have been with us for years.